Astade, a UML tool for the complete C or C++ development process







Some features in catchwords

  • Drawing tool for use case diagrams
  • Drawing tool for component diagrams
  • Drawing tool for sequence diagrams
  • Code generator for C++
  • Code generator for C (e.g. for implementing Linux kernel drivers)
  • Input dialogue for statecharts
  • Code generators for statecharts (C and C++)
  • Frameworks for statecharts (generic, wxWidgets, ACF/ACF++)
  • Automatically generated class diagrams
  • Built-in trace tool for generating sequence diagrams
  • IDE for compiling and debugging
  • Works with any code editor
  • Automatic code generation for constraints
  • Automatic code generation for member initialisation
  • Interface to wxGlade for GUI development
  • Interface to Doxygen for documentation
  • Interface to repositories (SVN, GIT, MKS)
  • Available for Windows and Linux operating systems

For all features you miss here use our wishlist.


The goal of developing Astade was to develop a UML tool where you can develop at model level and automatically generate source code for C/C++.

The Astade program is a complete front-end (GUI) for software development (in C and C++) which can be customised for any compiler (the GNU compiler is the default).

At first glance this seemed to be a big deal. But Astade combined some tools, already available, and so it was possible!

The main ideas to minimise effort are:

  • the model tree is built in the directory structure of the operating system.
  • most graphics are done with Graphviz except sequence charts. They are done with Trace2UML
  • the documentation is done with Doxygen
  • GUI design we do with a wxGlade integration.

So we end up with a little “user dialogue” and a good “code generator”; it's a great tool, try it!

Why we reinvented the wheel

After working with a UML tool for over a year at my job I'd learned:

  • It's great to work with a UML tool. You'll never want to write source code by hand after that experience!
  • Commercial tools are expensive! Really!
  • Open source tools are not really usable (at least at the time we started with Astade) :-(
  • Both the commercial and the open source ones are too complicated. A UML tool must be so easy to use that a developer wants to use it, without being forced to. Astade is! ;-)


Astade is published under the GPL. If you'd like to read the complete license text, look here


This site is maintained by the Astade developer team.
If you have questions concerning the use of the tool, and you didn't find the answers on this website, mail to users (at)
If you want to contact the developers, mail to dev (at)

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